Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: August 10, 2023

The Scooters & Customer Support

At Hoi An Scooter Rental, we take pride in offering top-notch bike quality to enhance your riding experience. Our fleet consists of both new and near-new bikes, carefully selected to ensure reliability and performance. Each bike undergoes rigorous maintenance to guarantee its perfect condition:

  • Thorough Inspection: Every bike is immediately inspected after being returned by customers. Our skilled technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify any issues or wear and tear.
  • Pre-Delivery Recheck: Before a bike is delivered to a new customer, it goes through a final recheck. This step ensures that the bike is in impeccable condition, free from any concerns that might affect your ride.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Our commitment to quality extends to regular upkeep. We perform weekly maintenance on all bikes in our fleet. This routine ensures that every bike receives the attention it needs to function flawlessly.

Our dedication to maintaining the quality of our bikes demonstrates our commitment to your safety and satisfaction. You can trust us to provide you with bikes that are not only comfortable but also reliable for your journey through Hoi An.

Our bikes are always equipped with convenient accessories to ensure a smooth and secure riding experience:

  • High-Quality Helmets with Visor: Each bike includes 3-4 helmets of various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that fits your head perfectly.
  • Mobile Phone Holder: A holder is provided to attach your mobile phone, enabling navigation using apps like Google Maps or Maps.Me.
  • Medical First Aid Kits for Accidents: Our customers often use these kits to assist others on the road in case of emergencies.
  • Emergency Mobile Phone for Urgent Calls: Particularly useful when your own phone isn’t working in Vietnam.
  • Helpful Email with Attraction List: We send you an informative email featuring a list of captivating attractions in and around Hoi An. This email includes Google Maps links for the optimal routes to places like My Son, Ba Na Hills, the countryside, hidden beaches, and a list of nearby gas stations.

Additionally, we provide extra accessories for rent, including a biker camera, top-box storage, as well as elbow and knee guard pads.

Our commitment is to ensure you have all the necessary accessories for an enjoyable and secure exploration of Hoi An.

We believe in providing a hassle-free experience for our customers. Unlike many other bike shops in Vietnam that often hand over bikes with nearly empty tanks, we take a different approach. When you rent a bike from us, you can expect:

Full Tanks: Our commitment to your convenience starts with ensuring that every bike we provide comes with a full tank of fuel. This means you can simply grab the bike and hit the road without having to worry about locating a gas station immediately.

Flexible Fuel Options:

When it’s time to return the bike, we offer you flexibility in managing the fuel:

Option 1: Fill the Tanks: You can choose to return the bike with a full tank, just as you received it. This option saves you the trouble of any additional charges.

Option 2: Pay for the Difference: Alternatively, if you prefer not to worry about refueling, you have the choice to pay for the fuel difference. We calculate this based on the fuel you’ve used during your rental period. Importantly, this option is often more cost-effective than refueling at a traditional gas station.

We prioritize your convenience and peace of mind, aiming to eliminate any concerns about overcharges or unscrupulous practices that can sometimes occur at gas stations. By selecting the pay-for-difference option, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair deal while enjoying your ride without interruption.

While we hope for a smooth and trouble-free experience, we understand that unforeseen situations can arise, including accidents. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. In the event of an issue, here’s how we will assist you:

  • Immediate Safety: If you’re involved in an accident, prioritize your safety and the safety of others. Move to a safe location, if possible, and check for injuries. If necessary, contact local authorities for assistance.
  • Contact Us: As soon as you’re safe and able, please get in touch with us to report the incident. We are here to help and guide you through the process. You can reach us through the following channels:
    • Phone: Call us at +84 9356 40064. We also have WhatsApp available on the same number for your convenience.
    • Email: Send us an email at describing the incident and providing your contact details. We will respond promptly to assist you.
    • Facebook: Reach out to us on Facebook at We’ll be monitoring our messages and will get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Assistance and Documentation: We will guide you through the necessary steps following an accident, including gathering information from all parties involved, documenting the scene, and filing any necessary reports. Your cooperation during this process is important.
  • Vehicle Replacement: Depending on the severity of the issue, we will assess the condition of the rental vehicle. In case the vehicle is not drivable due to damage, we will arrange for a replacement vehicle if available.
  • Insurance: If you have opted for insurance coverage, we will coordinate with the insurance provider to ensure a smooth claims process. Please refer to your rental agreement for details on the insurance coverage and claims process.

How to Book a Scooter/motorbike?

Booking a scooter or motorbike rental with us is quick and convenient. We offer multiple methods for you to choose from, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Here’s how you can make a booking:

  • Online Booking: Visit our website’s booking page at https://hoianscootersrental/booking to make a reservation directly online. Fill in the required details and select your preferred rental period. This is a simple and efficient way to secure your rental.
  • WhatsApp: The easiest way to book is by sending us a message via WhatsApp at +84 935 640064. Let us know your rental requirements, including dates and type of vehicle, and we’ll assist you with the booking process.
  • Email Booking: You can also send us an email at booking@hoianscootersrental. Include your rental details, such as dates, vehicle type, and any special requests. We’ll respond promptly to confirm your booking.
  • Facebook Messenger: Reach out to us on our Facebook page at through Messenger. Send us a message with your rental preferences, and we’ll guide you through the booking procedure.
  • Hotel Reception: If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can ask the receptionist at your hotel to assist you in booking a scooter or motorbike. Provide them with our contact number, 093 564 0064, and they can help arrange the rental on your behalf.

Absolutely, we understand that plans can change, and you might decide to rent a scooter or motorbike upon your arrival in Hoi An. While we can’t guarantee availability in advance, we do our best to ensure we have well-maintained motorcycles ready for you at any time. Here’s how you can go about renting a bike on the spot:

  • WhatsApp: If you’ve just arrived and would like to rent a scooter, you can send us a quick message on WhatsApp at +84 935 640064. Let us know your rental preferences, such as the type of vehicle and rental duration, and we’ll work to arrange a rental for you.
  • Facebook Messenger: Reach out to us through Facebook Messenger at Send us a message with your rental requirements, and we’ll respond promptly to assist you in getting a scooter.
  • Hotel Reception: Another option is to ask the receptionist at your accommodation to contact us on your behalf. Provide them with our phone number, 0935 64 00 64, and they can assist in arranging a rental vehicle for you.

Once you contact us, we’ll make every effort to have a motorcycle delivered to you within a short span of 10-20 minutes. Our aim is to provide you with the convenience and flexibility you need to explore Hoi An at your own pace.

We understand that your passport is a crucial travel document, and we want to ensure your peace of mind while renting a scooter from us. Rest assured, we do not require you to leave your passport with us. Here’s how our rental process works:

  • Passport Retention: We do not ask to retain your passport for the duration of the rental. Your passport is too important for your travel, and we respect that. Instead, we will need a copy of your passport, either in the form of a scan or a photo. This is for our records and to comply with legal requirements.
  • Deposit Options: For the purpose of a security deposit, you have several options to choose from:
    • Driving License: You can choose to leave a driving license as a deposit.
    • Credit Card: You can provide a credit card (either the rider’s or passenger’s) as a deposit. This offers a convenient and secure way to ensure the return of the rental vehicle in good condition.
    • Cash: You also have the option to leave a cash deposit. Any currency is accepted for this purpose.

Our aim is to make the rental process convenient and secure for you while respecting the importance of your personal documents. If you have any concerns or questions about the deposit options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you and provide you with a worry-free experience during your time in Hoi An.

Absolutely, we understand that travel plans can be flexible, and sometimes changes are unavoidable. We aim to provide you with a convenient booking experience, including cancellation options. Here’s how you can cancel your booking:

  • Cancellation Window: You can cancel or modify your reservation without any extra cost if you do so more than 3 hours before the scheduled start of the rental period. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your plans as needed.
  • No Charges or Complaints: We want to make the cancellation process hassle-free for you. There will be no charges or complaints from our end if you decide to cancel within the stipulated time frame.
  • Cancellation Methods: To cancel your booking, you have a couple of options:
    • Email: Send us an email at to inform us of your cancellation. Please include your booking details and the reason for cancellation, if possible.
    • WhatsApp: You can also cancel via WhatsApp by messaging us at +84 9356 40064. Let us know your booking information and that you wish to cancel.

Your satisfaction and convenience are important to us, and we want to ensure that the booking process is as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance with the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to contact us using the provided methods. We’re here to assist you and provide you with a positive experience, whether you choose to rent a scooter with us or adjust your plans.

We offer you convenient payment options to ensure a smooth rental experience. When renting a scooter from us, you can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Cash Payment: You can pay for your scooter rental in cash. We accept a variety of main currencies, including Vietnamese Dong, US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, and more. This provides you with flexibility to pay in a currency that’s convenient for you.
  • Bank Transfer: If you prefer an electronic payment method, you can also opt for a bank transfer. Please reach out to us in advance if you plan to use this method, so we can provide you with the necessary details for the transfer.

Yes, we are pleased to offer both delivery and pickup services for your convenience. Here’s how our delivery and pickup services work:

Delivery and Pickup in Hoi An:

  • We provide free delivery and pickup of motorbikes to any location within Hoi An. This includes hotels, homestays, cafes, shops, and more.
  • This service is offered without any additional service charge, making it easy and convenient for you to get your rental vehicle wherever you are staying in Hoi An.

Delivery and Pickup Outside Hoi An (e.g., Da Nang):

  • For locations outside Hoi An, such as Da Nang, a nominal charge will be applied for delivery and pickup services. The charges are as follows:
    • 10 km from the center of Hoi An: $3 per one-way delivery or pickup.
    • 20 km from the center of Hoi An: $5 per one-way delivery or pickup.
    • 30 km from the center of Hoi An: $7 per one-way delivery or pickup.

These charges ensure that you can still enjoy the convenience of having a motorbike delivered to your desired location, even if it’s outside the immediate Hoi An area.

While we sincerely hope that your experience with us is trouble-free, we understand that unexpected situations can arise. In the unfortunate event of damage or loss to the rental vehicle or accessories, here is our reimbursement policy:

Scooter/Motorbike Loss or Damage:

  • If you experience a loss of the rented scooter/motorbike, we will assess the reasonable cost based on the duration of usage. The reimbursement cost will vary depending on factors such as the model of the vehicle and the extent of use. The estimated cost could range from $600.00 to $1,800.
  • In the case of damage to the rented scooter/motorbike, we will collaborate with the respective Warranty Center to determine the reimbursement amount. The cost of reimbursement will be based on the extent of damage and the required repairs.

Scooter Accessories Reimbursement:

  • Rain Poncho: $5
  • Medical First Aid Kit: $5
  • Phone Holder: $5
  • 3/4-Face Helmet: $30

It’s important to note that our goal is to ensure transparency and fairness in the reimbursement process. We understand that accidents happen, and we will work with you to determine a reasonable resolution.

If you find yourself in a situation where reimbursement is necessary, please contact us immediately via WhatsApp, email, or Facebook Messenger. We will guide you through the process and work to provide a fair assessment of the situation.

We prioritize your safety and the safety of others on the road. Riding a scooter while intoxicated is both illegal and dangerous. We strongly advise against it. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to ride the scooter due to being intoxicated, we have measures in place to ensure your safety:

  • Taxi or Sober Friend: We recommend that you do not ride the scooter if you are intoxicated. Instead, consider taking a taxi or having a sober friend drive you home. This is not only for your own safety but also to ensure the safety of others on the road.
  • Free Accommodation Return: If you need assistance, you can call us at +84 9356 40064 (WhatsApp available). We understand that safety is paramount, and we are here to help. We will arrange to bring the scooter back to your accommodation for free, allowing you to get home safely.

Please remember that riding under the influence of alcohol or substances can have serious consequences, including accidents and legal issues. We encourage responsible behavior and decision-making to ensure the well-being of yourself and others.

Tips for Riding in Hoi An

According to the law in Vietnam, a driving license is required for riding any motorbike or scooter with an engine capacity greater than 50cc. This means that legally, you should have a valid driving license to operate such vehicles.

However, it’s important to note that enforcement practices can vary, and local authorities, including police in Hoi An and surrounding areas like Da Nang, My Son, and Hai Van Pass, might not frequently stop foreign travelers to check for licenses.

While it’s true that the chances of being stopped by the police for not having a license might be relatively low, it’s still recommended to adhere to the local laws and regulations. Operating a motorbike or scooter without a proper license can potentially lead to legal complications in case of accidents or incidents.

If you are planning to rent and ride a motorbike or scooter in Hoi An, it’s a good idea to have an international driving permit (IDP) or a valid motorbike license from your home country. This will provide you with extra peace of mind and ensure that you are in compliance with local regulations.

Ultimately, your safety and adherence to the law are paramount. If you have any further questions about licensing requirements or local regulations, feel free to ask or consult with the rental agency directly.

Riding a motorbike or scooter in busy areas like Hoi An, Da Nang, and Hue can be an exciting adventure, but it’s important to prioritize safety. Here are some essential precautions to keep in mind:

  1. Wear Helmets: Always wear a helmet for your safety. Helmets provide crucial protection in case of accidents and are mandatory by law.
  2. Ride Cautiously: Ride at a moderate speed, especially if you’re not familiar with the local traffic conditions. Pay attention to the road, traffic signals, and other vehicles around you.
  3. Stay on the Right Side: Ride on the right side of the road, as traffic in Vietnam moves on the right. This helps you maintain a safer flow with other vehicles.
  4. Use the Horn: Don’t hesitate to use your horn to signal your presence to other drivers and pedestrians. In Vietnam, honking is a common way to communicate on the road.
  5. Avoid Riding Intoxicated: Never ride a motorbike when you’re under the influence of alcohol or substances. It’s not only illegal but also extremely dangerous. Take a taxi or ask for assistance if needed.
  6. Crossroads and Turns: Be extra cautious when approaching crossroads, even those with traffic lights. Always check for vehicles and pedestrians before making turns or proceeding through intersections.
  7. Choose Routes Carefully: Avoid highways if possible, as they can be more challenging for inexperienced riders. Opt for village roads and scenic routes, but ensure they are safe for riding.
  8. Observe Local Traffic: Pay attention to how local drivers behave and follow their lead when navigating through traffic. Understanding local driving customs can help you blend in better.
  9. Use Navigation: Utilize navigation apps like Google Maps to plan your routes and find alternative roads that might be safer and more scenic.
  10. Be Respectful: Be considerate of other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. Give them sufficient space and time, and always be patient.

Hoi An generally offers a relatively safe environment for scooter riding compared to larger and more congested cities. Here are some reasons why scooter riding in Hoi An can be considered safe:

  1. Moderate Traffic: Hoi An is not as densely populated as some larger cities in Vietnam, resulting in moderate traffic conditions. This can make riding a scooter more manageable and less overwhelming.
  2. Less Congestion: The city’s relatively open roads and less congestion contribute to a smoother traffic flow, reducing the risk of sudden stops and starts.
  3. Slower Pace: The overall pace of traffic in Hoi An tends to be slower, which can provide riders with more reaction time and a better chance to anticipate potential hazards.
  4. Local Driving Habits: Drivers in Hoi An are accustomed to sharing the road with scooters, creating a certain level of familiarity and awareness among road users.
  5. Tourist-Friendly: Hoi An is a popular tourist destination, and as such, local drivers are generally more accustomed to sharing the road with visitors on scooters.

However, even in such favorable conditions, it’s important to remain cautious and safety-conscious while riding. Always follow traffic rules, wear helmets, and adhere to the guidelines provided by the rental agency. While Hoi An’s traffic might be relatively safe, accidents can still occur if proper precautions are not taken.

In Hoi An and its surrounding areas, it’s relatively uncommon for the police to frequently stop and fine travelers. While occasional instances might occur, they are not a regular occurrence. Here are a few reasons why police stops are less common in Hoi An:

  1. Traffic Volumes: Hoi An sees less traffic compared to larger cities, resulting in fewer opportunities for police checks.
  2. Tourist-Focused: Hoi An is a tourist-oriented destination, and local authorities often prioritize the safety and comfort of visitors. This might influence the frequency of police stops.
  3. Local Driving Culture: The local driving culture in Hoi An is accustomed to accommodating tourists on scooters, which might contribute to fewer enforcement activities.

However, it’s important to remember that even though police stops are rare, it’s crucial to always ride responsibly, adhere to traffic rules, and prioritize safety. Even a single instance of negligence can have serious consequences. Follow the rules of the road, wear helmets, and ride slowly and carefully to ensure your safety and that of others around you.

Need help? Text/call us via WhatsApp +84 9356 40064 or Live chat with us.